Making a Claim

Everything you need to know and do if you think you might be in a claim

Hay bales in a field


The claims process designed to be as easy as we can make it.  All claims are based on financial assessment for the peril affected season that assesses your income for the season against your maximum protected value defined in your Certificate of Currency.


Claims are paid at the end of February each year, after the AFM board have met to assess claims.   As claims are funded by the pool of protection fees collected, all claims are assessed at the same time to ensure that the total extent of claims is known at the same time. 

What you need to do

There are three forms you need to complete.  Can’t find them online?  Click on each image below to access the forms or email us at and we will send you what you need.

All three forms must be submitted by 31 December.

Notice of Peril / Loss

fill this out if you think might be in a claim. Tell us about the peril(s), the crop types affected and the number of hectares.

Pre-Harvest Declaration

give details of any grain you have on hand prior to harvesting your peril affected crops.

Post-Harvest Declaration

tell us about what you were able to harvest and details of any crops that were grazed or sprayed out.


Agri-Analytics will contact you to complete your Financial Assessment.  They’ll ask for copies of your cashbooks, bank statements and RCTIs.  

They will then send you the Financial Assessment for you to review and verify.  Why?  Because we want to be sure that everything you harvested, sold, stored, etc has been taken into consideration when calculating your claim.


All claim documentation, including your verified Financial Assessment and an independent verification of your peril(s), is provided to the AFM Board by early February. 

The board meet in mid-late February to review / approve claims and determine the proportional payable to members in a claim (this is based on the pool of protection fees available plus any surplus funds).

Key Dates

make sure you are across what happens and what you need to do by these key dates

31 December

Completed the required forms:  Notice of Peril / Loss; Pre-Harvest Declaration; and Post-Harvest Declaration

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15 January

Supplied all requested financial documents to Agri-Analytics:  cashbooks, bank statements and RCTI’s

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12 February

Returned your verified Claim Financial Assessment to Agri-Analytics

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28 February

All claims are approved by the AFM Board and claim payments made